MIRPURKHAS             -          Ulema Action Committee as well as people belonging to all walks of life have urged the higher authorities not to open a wine shop at Mir­purkhas-Hyderabad road, adding otherwise they would be forced to expand their protest.

Scores of religious schol­ars and social leaders held a demonstration at Hyder­abad Mirpurkhas road on Monday to protest against the planned opening of a wine shop.

Carrying banners and placards in their hands, inscribed with statements pressing the authorities not to open the shop in the area, the protesters said that several wine shops were al­ready open in the city, and there was no need to open yet another shop, and that too on the main road where hundreds of people go ev­ery day for shopping.

They expressed the fear that if the wine shop was opened as planned, then even more number of peo­ple would be addicted to the drink, and that already there was lot of resentment in people that these shops sold wine to the Muslims as well.

They added that last Fri­day all imams, in their ser­mons, had adopted sepa­rated resolutions against the opening of the shop at a highway.

The protestors said that were not happy at the sight of wine shops already open in the city, and they would force the authorities to re­locate these shops outside the municipal limits.