The sales level at Utility Stores Corporation’s regional outlets have increased by whopping 600% after the government has implemented subsidy plans on different daily use items.

The benefit of subsidy given by the government during January led to huge number of people indulging in shopping at Utility Stores to avail the opportunity. The phenomenon also halted soaring prices of different commodities in other local markets in the city.

The customers at Utility stores were worried due to increasing prices of commodities almost on a daily basis.  Government's subsidy on various items at Utility Stores has resulted brought stability in prices of many items, including flour, ghee, pulses, rice and tea. Before the provision of subsidy, the prices of commodities in general markets were increasing on a daily basis. The citizens’ inclination towards Utility Stores helped stabilise prices in open markets.

Regional Manager Utility Stores Corporation Sajjad Hussain said that Utility Stores registered increase in sales level by almost 600%. In December 2019, there was Rs27 million sale at all regional stores and teh first month of 2020 has witnessed the sale rise up to reach over Rs170 million in January. 

There was difference of Rs40 per kilogramme in ghee price, Rs32 on one litre of oil, Rs20 on one kilogramme of rice, Rs14 on one kilogramme of broken rice, Rs25 on white gram, Rs13 on pulse (gram) and almost Rs15 on Masoor.

“These low prices are basic reason behind huge flow of customers towards Utility Stores,” he said.