KARACHi-Having begun her career with small supporting roles, Yashma Gill found her way to stardom with her stellar performances in some popular dramas like ‘GharTitlika Par’ and ‘AbDekhKhuda Kya Karta Hai.’

And we see her stealing hearts once again playing the vivacious, intelligent, bubbly diva in ‘PyarKeSadqay.’

Written by ZanjabeelAsim Shah and directed by Farooq Rind, ‘PyarKeSadqay’ is a new drama which is like a breath of fresh air in the current drama scene owing to its very different storyline.

This lighthearted teen rom-com has a brilliant star cast with actors like Yumna Zaidi, Bilal Abbas, OmairRana, Khalid Anum, and AtiqaOdho; however, Yashma Gill still manages to capture the limelight with her versatile acting.

Shanzay is shown as one of the popular girls in college who doesn’t only have the looks but is also a fantastic student.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t have that attitude problem that accompanies most beauties with brains and acts very politely with Abdullah (Bilal Abbas), who keeps flunking college.

However, she has no intention of being close to him, and all hell breaks loose when Abdullah reveals he has feelings for her. Is she going to get him suspended from college? We can’t wait to see how the chemistry between them is going to unfold in the next episode.

Yashma Gill’s expressions and body language playing Shanzay are also on point, and we don’t think anyone else could have been better for this role. Also, we couldn’t resist noticing her fabulous sartorial choices and the accessories accompanying them.

Not to mention, her fresh, subtle makeup with chic hairdos is also very befitting for her role.

The next promo shows that Abdullah’s mom is ready to take her son’s proposal to Shanzay’s place. We can’t wait to watch what’s going to happen next between Shanzay and Abdullah.