ISLAMABAD - With acute shortage in power and gas supply, the textile industry is likely to result in closing down various units and cause loss of approximately of $ 1 billion per month to the National exchequer in addition to leaving more than three million people unemployed. A senior government official informed TheNation on Saturday on the condition of anonymity. He said that the government is facing acute shortage in power and gas supply, which is badly hampering the growth of textile sector. He also said that that the government has no option apart from loadshedding. The total share of textile products in the country's exports is around $ 10 billion and in the present scenario, with cut-down in textile products, the trade deficit would further widen up, which already has increased above $ 9 billion, the official observed. Exports of textile products were 60 per cent of total volume and now it shrunk mainly due to power and gas shortage in the country from the last year. He also said that tough competition in the international market with India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many other countries, perhaps, is not as much responsible for the decline as is domestic state of affairs. "If u analyse the official statistics, it will reveal that the textile exports have decreased by 2.2 per cent in the first five months (July-November) of the current financial year, comparing to the same period of the last year, which showed exports on the decline, the official argued. When a senior member of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) was contacted in this regard, he told that textile sector is the mainstay of our exports, largest engine of employment generation, largest foreign exchange earner and government should provide maximum incentives to it to play more effective role in strengthening the national economy, instead of making conditions more difficult for it by raising tariffs and cutting energy supplies. He further said that they have no other option apart from closing down textile units in the present scenario when power loadshedding has increased up to 18 hours per day and the supply of gas remains suspended. He further said that final decision would be taken on January 09 in the emergency meeting of APTM, being held in Karachi. He further said that around three million workers, employed by the industry, are feared be affected if units are closed. The economic experts are of the view that if the government did not resolve the persisting energy crisis, obviously a big challenge to the PPP-led government, millions of people would be rendered jobless.