KARACHI - The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Unisame) has urged the National Energy Power Regulating Authority (Nepra) to invite foreign power generation companies to set up power generation systems in Pakistan freely without any restrictions and facilitate them to carry out installations successfully. President Unisame Zulfikar Thaver said Nepra should not make a fuss and not remain in denial to the fact that the existing power generation systems in Pakistan are not in a position to meet the growing demands and issue no objection certificates to the applicants promptly to expedite the installations of systems on fast track basis. He said many foreign companies are interested in setting up power generation systems based on coal, wind and solar energy for clusters in Pakistan's rural and urban areas but are not coming forward due to red tapism prevailing in the hierarchies. He said Nepra should take immediate steps to invite foreign companies and encourage local investors to enter into partnerships with foreign companies willing to invest and bring technology with them. He said it is high time Nepra acts on war footings to promote power generation for clusters rather than sitting for months on applications and discouraging investors by their lethargy. He said it stands to reason if Nepra rejects applications based on oil and gas systems but for not expediting projects based on alternate systems it is surprising and unwise to delay such applicants. He said many promoters of industrial estates are hesitant to commence work apprehending power shortfalls and if the industrial estates are supported by in house systems based on their own generation systems they would be facilitated and move fast in the establishment of several industries successfully.