ISLAMABAD (APP)- The growing number of encroachments in the federal capital is diminishing its beauty but the Capital Development Authority's apathy towards this nuisance is more worrisome. The Authority had upgraded the directorate of anti-encroachment to enforcement directorate, increased its manpower,budget and provided additional vehicles to make it more effective and efficient but the vision is yet to become reality. Be it a market, residential area or road, no place in the city is free from encroachments creating nuisance for the pedestrians and motorists that sometime also causes security threat. The enforcement directorate of the Authority launches drives against encroachments but the encroachers re-establish their set up. Zeeshan Haider, a pedestrian, said the CDA needs to have constant check on the encroachments. Their frequent drives by the CDA are nothing but a futile exercise as the people reset their business after the enforcement team goes away. Unauthorized chappar hotels, kiosks, stalls and display of products outside the shop and verandah's are a permanent features of markets grabbing the right of pedestrians of using footpaths. Besides commercial venues, the residents have encroached beyond their authorized areas by erecting fences or constructing garages outside their residences. In this regard, the Authority also seems helpless due to their influence and in case of any action, the concerned official may also face some tough time regarding his job. Besides this, some people also move the court against CDA's action which also puts off the matter till the court order favoring the either side. When contacted, a CDA official said the Authority has launched an anti-encroachment drive in commercial as well as residential areas. He said the Authority has issued notices to the people who have raised permanent structures outside their residences in the city, adding it would be followed by a operation. He said the Authority has formed teams to keep constant check on the encroachments that keep patrolling in their concerned areas.