The Palestinians are being bombed once again by the terrorist state backed by the superpower. It has been a while since Israel allowed a morsel inside Gaza, which is at the brink of a humanitarian disaster at present. This is where Hamas won elections through a completely democratic process that was not accepted by those who chant slogans of human rights and democracy around the world. Hamas has since emerged as the rightful challenge of its people to the false existence of Israel. The worst crime in this showdown is that of the Arab and Muslim world, which has often chosen to remain silent in the past also even as Palestinian women and children were being killed mercilessly. As for the world powers, they do not want peace in the Middle East, nor anywhere else for that matter. There should be no doubt about it now. The world now needs a people who truly believe in the supremacy of one and only Allah. The world needs the message of peace of Islam. -HUSSAN SIDDIQUI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, December 27.