ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that Pakistan strongly condemns the Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza and is deeply concerned over the continuity of unbridled atrocities of Israel despite international calls for restraint. The Prime Minister was talking to Iranian Petroleum Minister Gholamhossein Nowzari who came here as special envoy to Iranian President on Saturday afternoon at PM Secretariat. The Prime Minister said Pakistan had always stood by their Palestinian brothers and hence was desirous of complete unity among their ranks. Pakistan had consistently and unequivocally offered unreserved support to the Palestinian cause and supported the establishment of an independent state of Palestine with Al-Quds as its capital, he added. The Prime Minister called for the world to give up its double standards by ignoring Israel's atrocities and act resolutely to stop Israeli aggression against the innocent Palestinian in Gaza. He hoped that the meeting of the Executive Committee of OIC in Jeddah would come up with a constructive and consensus decision in that regard in line with the sentiments of Muslim world. Turning to the Pakistan-Iran bilateral relations, Gilani lauded the Iranian President's role in defusing the tensions between India and Pakistan in the wake of Mumbai attacks. He expressed his satisfaction that the two brotherly countries had made progress on the prospects of signing agreements of gas pipeline and supply of electricity from Iran to Pakistan. He urged that Iran should extend the deferred payment of oil facility to Pakistan for a period of one year rather than 90 days. He also hoped that Iran would set up power plants in Pakistan to help overcome the present severe electricity shortage in the country. The Iranian Minister for Petroleum stated that Pakistan was a very important Islamic country and hence should assume a leading role in OIC for the resolution of the present Gaza crisis. He said Iran was mustering support of the Muslim world in that regard and needed Pakistan's assistance for taking a united stance of the Muslim Ummah on the Palestinian issue. Underscoring the critical situation in Gaza, the Iranian Minister stated that role of Muslim countries at this juncture would be recorded by the history. They should, therefore, forget their petty differences for countering the Israeli aggression. He termed Pakistan as his second home and stated that he considered Pakistan's difficulties as Iran's difficulties and Pakistan's progress as Iran's progress. He agreed with the Prime Minister that there was an urgent need for finalisation of gas pipeline project between the two countries. He promised to convey Pakistan's request for extension in the period of deferred payment of oil facility to the Iranian government. He also agreed with the Prime Minister that bilateral trade between the two countries needed to be enhanced and called for concerted efforts to achieve that goal.