ISLAMABAD - Heavy spells of rains could not dissuade the faithful from observing Moharram with religious solemnity. The turnout of mourners at Majalis remained hundred percent on Saturday, TheNation witnessed. Visits to different Imam Bargahs across the twin cities conducted by TheNation, revealed that the attendance at Majalis was almost similar to what it was a day before the rain. Men, women, youngsters, children and elder ones from the Shia Sect had taken active participation among religious ceremonies, amidst the prevailing wave of bone-chilling cold. Massive gatherings were seen at Imam Bargah Zainabia, and Central Imam Bargah in G-6, Jamia Al Sadiq, G-9, Haideri Chowk, Islamic Centre Satellite Town, Zawari Bargah, Maula Daad, Bargah-e-Sakina in B Block, D Block and Lalazar respectively, including minor gatherings in residential areas. The organisers of Majalis had taken protective measures by installing waterproof tents, gas heaters and fireplaces to counter the cold. The security arrangements too, were not affected by the down pour, as several venues had walk through gates, metal detectors and security guards of different religious organisations. Tassaduq Hussain at Imam Bargah Zainabia, said that it was the duty of all the Muslims irrespective of any sect, to observe the ongoing month with religious solemnity. He termed the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and Ehl-e-Bait as the most splendid manifestation of sacrifice in the history of mankind. "Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and Ehl-e-Bait have demonstrated the highest orders of sacrifice. Every Muslim owes them profound respect, which can only be paid by observing Moharram with religious zeal," he observed. In response to a query regarding the difficulties faced by mourners during rain, Tassaduq said, "Those great people have sacrificed their lives for such a noble cause and we are bothered by these petty issues to pay them tribute? We have arranged Majalis in scotching heat of summer and we do it every year whether it's raining or it's burning." Turab Nadeem at Bargah-e-Sakina, Rawalpindi, opined that it's the religious obligation upon every faithful to attend religious gatherings in Moharram that are organised in connection with Karbala tragedy. "What we are doing is nothing, compared to what those great people have done. It's just a small tribute from our sides in their honour and we feel great when we have to make an extra effort to attend the religious ceremonies." Turab told that his relatives arrange Majalis in Central Imam Bargah in Murree amid heavy snow and extremely tough conditions. "If we can do that in Murree even if it's snowing, then these minor downpours are not a problem," he maintained. When posed with the similar query, a teenager at Zawari Bargah sounded furious when he uttered, "What do you mean? Shouldn't we come out of our homes just because it's raining? Go and read the history of Karbala catastrophe first and then come for reporting" stated an emotional Mohsin Raza. In addition, several faithful paid rich tributes to Ehl-e-Bait and vowed to offer their maximum in the ongoing month, whatever the circumstances be.