While the PML-N continues to adhere faithfully to all the articles of the historic Charter of Democracy (CoD), other signatories of this charter, have some how deviated from full filling their obligations for reasons best known to them. This failure on their part to honour the CoD has resulted in the parlous situation in which the nation finds itself today. This was stated by the PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif, while addressing the Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust and a large number of Pakistan Movement workers who had participated in the struggle for the establishment an independent state. Since December 3 coincided with the founding of the Muslim League in 1906, the main hall of the Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust was packed to capacity, filling every inch of the available space outside the main auditorium. This was indicative of the enthusiasm of the people, who were concerned about the external and internal challenging facing the nation Mr Majid Nizami, Editor in Chief of the Daily Nawa-e-Waqt, The Nation and other publications had invited the PML-N Quaid to address the nation on this auspicious occasion of the founding day of the Muslim League. In his opening remarks Majid Niazmi, while declaring that Mian Sahib would be the one and only speaker at this historic day, requested Nawaz Sharif to speak without any restraint or reservation. The stage was thus set for Main Sahib to make some very important major policy pronouncements to clear the prevailing uncertainty with regard to the role of the major political party that he is presently heading. Nawaz Sharif traced the chronological events since the historic signing of the CoD, including his own return from exile and also that of Benazir Bhutto, her tragic assassination followed by the holding of generals elections, the lawyers' movement for the restoration of the deposed judges and finally the resignation of Musharraf. The rest is history. Sharif dwelt at length with regard to the broken promises and no adherence to the CoD by the ruling party at the centre which resulted in the PML-N's withdrawal from the assembly. The PML-N chief said that "he had never compromised on principals in the past and could not sacrifice national interests for the sake of a few seats in the National Assembly." Explaining in detail about the prevailing deteriorating political and economic situation he said that this was forcing the people to come out on the streets. How could Nawaz Sharif remain a silent spectator of such misrule. As if this was not enough to break the back of the people, the situation on our eastern and western borders has brought a serious challenge to Pakistan's national security and territorial independence with Drones attacking daily and killing innocent citizens including women and children. Time had therefore come for the nation to reflect and respond in a positive manner to safeguard the sovereignty of the state of Pakistan. Referring to the independence of the judiciary Nawaz declared that he would not be a part of the present ongoing process of restoration of the judges, unless CJ Iftikhar was restored according to the COD and Bhurban Declaration. To him the only process of restoration acceptable was the one accepted by CJ Chaudhry, Aitzaz and Kurd. Nawaz pledged that PML-N would support the lawyers long march scheduled on March 9, 2009. Last but not the least, the most important policy statement made by the PML-N chief was in respect of the speculated merger of the two major factions namely PML-N and PML-Q. "Any merger or alliance with PML-Q, to my mind, is just like an alliance with Musharraf," said Nawaz. He added: "I shall soon call a meeting of the central committee of the PML-N, to which I shall also request Mr Nizami to participate for our guidance. We shall all respect his decision." The whole hall cheered deposing full confidence in Majid Nizami who has been stand fast in guarding the Two-Nation Theory for over half a century. In the end, Mr Nizami and Justice Dr Javed Iqbal held urgent consultation with senior members of the Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust Advisory Council with regard to the process of consultation to adopt a proper democratic and Islamic methodology in order to carry out the implementation of the mission assigned to Majid Nizami by Nawaz Sharif. According to most insiders the time for parting of the ways between the two major Muslim League factions is fast approaching unless statesmanship on both sides dawns upon their leadership to raise above all current differences in the larger interests of Pakistan to have a strong and stable two party system which would ensure a strong opposition to act as government in waiting at the time of the next elections. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum E-mail: ikramullah@nation.com.pk