LAHORE - Patyala Complex, where fire erupted on Saturday, had lacked rescue equipment and emergency evacuation facilities, it is learnt. The incident also exposes the poor performance of all the civic organisations that have failed miserably in making a proper emergency plan for most of the multistorey plazas in the City. Patyala Complex did not have a safe electricity system as a jumble of electricity wires could be seen exposed in the basement and other floors of the building. Not surprisingly, incidents of short-circuiting due to unplanned electricity wiring have become a routine matter. However, the poor electricity system was not the only woe of the traders, shopkeepers and employees working in the Patyala Complex. Drinking water was being provided through rusty pipes, and the poor drainage system posed another problem. Encroachment mafia too is a constant source of trouble for the local residents, shoppers, and rescuers in case of emergency, as the encroachers have illegally occupied the roads leading to the affected plaza.