LAHORE - The PML-Q's advisory committee has authorised senior party leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi to negotiate with the PPP in case it takes any political initiative in the Punjab. It was the first meeting of the committee held the other day in Islamabad after its formation recently. The advisory committee that includes the senior-most party leaders, is mandated by the party to take key political decisions under the leadership of Ch Shujaat Hussain. There was pressure building from within the party on the top leadership to show its cards on the table when both PPP and PML-N are vying for its support with call of merger of two main leagues gaining a louder pitch. Even some PML-Q leaders are also in favor of merger between the leagues. This was the very pressure from within the party that obliged the Chaudhrys to go for consultation in the party, calling the advisory committee's meeting, a PML-Q leader disclosed. Both Shujaat and Pervaiz took the party leaders into confidence about recent political developments. They informed the committee that there had not been any contact between the PML-N and PML-Q in recent times except the one established between the two parties during the process of presidential election when the later sought its support for its candidate. The party leaders were also least inclined for merger between the two leagues, as being pressed by some quarters. There was consensus in the meeting that party should keep its separate identity while dealing with other political entities. Pervaiz Elahi briefed the Leaguers that the PPP had approached the party on a number of occasions. Pervaiz also shared with the members details of his last meeting with Punjab Governor. He disclosed that during the meeting he made it clear on the Governor that his party would not become part of politics being played between the PPP and PML-N to pressure each other, nor it is prepared to take any initiative on its own. It is being conveyed to the PPP leader that if the it takes any initiative in the province with the objective to bring about a change in the province, the PML-Q would consider its options whether to cooperate with the PPP or not. The insiders revealed that PML-Q leaders in the party supportive of merger between the two Leaguers were visibly on defensive during the meeting. When Salim Saifullah spoke in the meeting about the prospects of merger of two leagues, some members drew his attention towards one of the statements made by the spokesman of PML-N that he issued against Ch Shujaat the same day. Sources disclosed that the Chaudhrys in the meeting got green light from the senior party leaders to deal with the PPP in case it pulls out of the government and asks Shahbaz Sharif to take vote of confidence afresh. "There was more support pouring in from the members to cooperate with the PPP in case it takes any terminal decision", a senior leader claimed. Meanwhile, the meeting witnessed party's stance being hardened towards the PML-N. The meeting was briefed how the Punjab government had been out to victimise the PML-Q leaders and workers since its took over power in the province. Some members drew the attention of party leadership towards the PML-N government efforts at crushing the local bodies in a bid to weaken the party in the province. The local leaders, mostly belonging to PML-Q are viewed as the mainstay of the PML Q's power in the Punjab.