KARACHI - Tasleem Bhutto, the daughter of Sindh National Front (SNF) chief, Mumtaz Bhutto, on Saturday strongly condemned the arrest of her father and termed it political victimisation. "PPP government is making tall claims of political reconciliation but on the other side arresting members of Bhutto family who only demanding the arrest of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed's killers" she remarked while talking to reporters at the Jinnah International Airport. "My father was in his hometown while countless faked cases were being registered against him in Karachi", she added. Tasleem Bhutto said that she had been in touch with lawyers to inquire how many cases were lodged against him. She demanded that PPP-led Zardari government should immediately release her father. Meanwhile, a large numbers of Sindh National Front workers assembled in the premises of Jinnah International Airport and chanted slogans against President Zardari. Earlier, Sindh National Front Chairman was brought here from Larkana in police custody via PK-391 flight.