In 1989, Soviet Union had retreated from Afghanistan. Iran had emerged stronger after the eight years of brutal war with Iraq and democracy had returned to Pakistan, after eleven years of military rule. The dawn of freedom, thus gravitated the three countries to come together, as the bastion of power, to defeat and deter the common enemies. The idea of unity between the states was floated to achieve the essential element of 'Strategic Depth'. Our enemies were unhappy with the idea and resolved to defame and defeat it. They succeeded in causing civil war in Afghanistan, which created dissensions between Pakistan and Iran. As if this was not enough, Afghanistan was invaded and occupied in 2001. The occupation led to hatching dangerous conspiracy by the Indo-US-Israel nexus 'to establish Indian hegemony in this region' and extend power and influence even beyond. The Mumbai contrived incident of November 26 is the first step, in this direction. The Mumbai episode reflects the Saffron Sensibility characteristic of Hindutva, the Neocons and the Zionists, having a mindset of a boiling antipathy towards Pakistan. It is this congenital hatred which brings "strange bedfellows together." The ultimate objective is 'to establish Indian hegemony over South Asia', including Afghanistan, now considered part of South Asia by Pentagon. Pakistan is the stumbling block to be softened-up. Thus the callous blood bath of Mumbai on November 26 was enacted by RAW, CIA and Mossad, - the Saffron Nexus - to defame Pakistan in the comity of nations and lend justification for punitive action. The pressure is continuously being mounted on our western borders, while the threat of 'surgical strikes' and war against Pakistan, continues, to extract strategic advantages. No doubt, Mumbai episode was a homegrown conspiracy of the Hindu militant groups in collusion with the Saffron Nexus. The very few terrorists, ten only, who took over Taj, Oberai hotels and the railway station, were used to create a facade of a foreign terrorist group attack from Pakistan. It was also to provide the cover-up to eliminate Hemant Karkare and the officers of Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), for the reason that Karkare was a brave nationalist officer, who had succeeded in exposing the terrorist involvement of the Saffron Brigade, in the Malegaon Blasts. The main culprit, Praggya Singh - an army officer, along with other noted personalities of the BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP were arrested. Karkare and other members of ATS thus were eliminated, to cover-up the real crime. This is killing 'two birds' with one stone. The Bush administration seems to have convinced Obama to carry the Saffron flag forward and implement the strategy of Indian hegemony over South Asia, which is a bad omen, both for Obama and the region. An occupied Afghanistan is not in the interest of Pakistan and the region, whereas, an independent sovereign Afghanistan makes a reliable ally, together with Iran, to form the Pakistan-Iran-Afghanistan Union (PIAU). The PIAU will thus provide the 'Strategic Depth' to the states, in the same manner as the European Union (EU) provides 'depth of security' to all the members. Depth of Security means, territorial security, economic, socio-political and diplomatic security as the common denominators. Therefore, while seeking this objective, Pakistan's interests will remain in conflict with the occupation forces in Afghanistan. And the worst is the establishment of the spy network in Afghanistan, which continues to mount pressure on Pakistan. The nerve centre of this spy network is at Jabal-us-Seraj, manned and operated by CIA, Raw, Mossad, MI-6 and BND (German intelligence). It's a huge set-up with concrete buildings, antennas and all the modern electronic gadgetry, one can conceive of. Its out-posts are Sarobi and Kandahar against Pakistan; Faizabad, against China; Mazar-e-Sharif, against Russia and Central Asian States and Herat against Iran. Thus, Afghanistan has become the hub of regional and global conspiracies. The tribal conflict on the western borders therefore is due to this interference from Afghanistan, yet the problem on our western borders is not worrisome, because the tribals of the area including FATA are adamantly loyal to Pakistan. Thy have declared that, in case of war/threat thereof with India, they will not only ensure security of the western borders but directly confront the occupation forces in Afghanistan, accentuating the ongoing conflict in the region. The state brutality in Kashmir continues unabated because "Kashmir won't willingly integrate into India; it's beginning to look as though India will integrate/disintegrate into Kashmir. Indian military occupation in Kashmir, a shamefully persecuted, impoverished minority of more than fifteen million Muslims, are being targeted as a community and pushed to the wall, whose young see no justice on the horizon" (Arundhati Roy). What will happen in Kashmir after the retreat of occupation forces in Afghanistan, should be a matter of great concern for the Indians. And, if war breaks-out, now, or later, on Kashmir issue, "it would be catastrophic for India" (Federation of American Scientists report). Pakistan armed forces, now deployed against India, have full capability to thwart Indian designs. The Pakistan Air Force high altitude interception capability has been improved by means and resources now available. Pakistan's nuclear capability, maintains a credible deterrence with India. "Nukes are not weapons of war nor they compensate for Pakistan's conventional military capability" (Benazir Bhutto). Pakistan's military policy therefore is based on its conventional military forces, to defeat Indian aggression. Being cognisant of this reality it is maintaining the effective and functional military balance, to ward-off pressures from the north-west, while remaining prepared to fight and "carry the war into the Indian territory," implementing the offensive defence concept, well tested in the Zarb-e-Momin Exercise-1989. The "occupation of Afghanistan" is the main source of trouble, spurred by the Saffron Nexus, which has given India a false sense of hope and strength, and the resultant sabre rattling. India is enjoying the strategic partnership with USA as we enjoyed it in the past and suffered humiliations and betrayal. We wish 'interesting times' to India. Indian quest for South Asian hegemony is a pipe-dream, never to bear any fruition. Will the countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran ever accept their hegemony? If history is any guide, this shall never be. The sun is rising, breaking the dawn of freedom, heralding the realisation of the Strategic Depth objectives as the guarantee for peace and security of the entire region. The retreat of occupation forces from Afghanistan is eminent, and will revive the 'Strategic Depth Concept.' Historical realities do not die. Invasion of Afghanistan was indeed a great strategic blunder, because, "force, if unassisted by judgement, collapses through its own mass." (Horace) The writer is a former chief of army staff E-mail: