RAWALPINDI (Online) - Various national and multi-national pharmaceutical companies have halted supply of lifesaving drugs for the last two months. Medical stores of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have alleged that the shortage of medicines and drugs related to thyroid gland and mental health is due to the monopoly of pharmaceutical companies, which have created artificial shortage for price hike of these products. Most of the medical stores in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi confirmed the unavailability/shortage of the above-mentioned drugs in the market. According to an estimate, 5-10 most essential medicines of all the pharmaceutical companies are missing from the market due to unknown reasons. They were surprised that why the Competition Commission of Pakistan is silent on the issue thus protecting these giant multi-national pharmaceutical companies. The never-ending problem of medicine shortage has once again put patients of twin cities in trouble. The hardship of the people, particularly residing far away from the main commercial centres and posh areas in the twin cities, is understandable. Interacting with troubled patients and surveying comparatively accessible medical stores to poor people living in the city revealed that the situation is much graver than it seems from a distance. The retailers held the essential life saving drugs including Betnetan, NeoMarcazole, Phenosarbitane, Thyroxine, Modicat (injection) and Pendurial (injection) were missing from the market. These medicines were used in emergency situation, have no real alternatives available at affordable rates.