ISLAMABAD (NNI) - The third day of Youth Parliament Pakistan's second session discussed the prospects of restoration of judiciary to its pre-Nov 3 position. The youth parliamentarians demanded immediate restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while stressing that it was not just one person but the question of uncompromised and complete autonomy of a the most important institution. Illahi Bukhsh Soomro, former speaker of the National Assembly, who presided over the session, commended the House on its punctuality and attendance. The session also hosted Hamid Khan, Former president of Supreme Court Bar Association, to speak on independence of judiciary Business of the House began with a calling attention notice moved by Mir Fahad Iqbal (YP61-SINDH13) and Umair Zafar Malik (YP33-PUNJAB) regarding unauthorised favours given to the daughter of de-facto Chief Justice of Pakistan and reluctance of the authorities to actively investigate the issue. It was felt by the House that the government should undertake a transparent and unbiased investigation of the case. Later, a resolution moved by Syed Ansar Hussain (YP12-NA01) and Syed Mohsin Raza (YP56-SINDH08) and Suffian Ahmad Bajar (YP39-Punjab20) urged the government, representatives of the lawyers' community. and the opposition to hold a comprehensive dialogue in order to smoothen out their long standing differences coming in way of the restoration of judiciary. They stressed on settling controversial issues on priority, to steer the country out of the judicial lurch and thus restore the true sense of democracy. The house agreed that good governance is a provision of three basic civil rights: good political governance; good economic governance and good civic governance and all these require the yardstick of justice for a starter. After passionate debate from both the parties the resolution was unanimously passed by the house. The final business of the house today was a resolution moved by Rafiq Wassan (YP59-SINDH11), Syed Waqar Ali (YP01-AJKO1), Muhammad Khalil Tahir (YP02-AJK02) and Ahsan Yousaf Chaudhry (YP42-PUNJAB23). This resolution asked for reformation of judicial structure of Pakistan while taking the legal fraternity into confidence over the reforms. The mover gave some reform proposals that ranged from evening courts; increase in the salaries of the judges; carrying out special training, computerisation of judicial records, electronic postal systems and hearings to be carried out publicly. They also supported setting up of the national committee initially proposed by the guest speaker. Hira Batool Rizvi (YP15-NWFP03) Minister for Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs also pointed out the stigmatisation of the profession of law and discouragement of women in the society to join the profession. The opposition criticised the resolution by questioning the availability of funds for the proposed increase in salary and induction of staff for evening courts and its maintenance; access of electronic mailing system to rural areas and the secrecy of sub-judicial procedures. On account of various procedural implications, the resolution was referred to Standing Committee on Law and Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights for review.