As per press reports, a total number of 87 National Assembly members were those who did not speak a single word for the last three years in National Assembly. Some time back, a similar report was printed in a section of press about the Senators. In the last tenure of National Assembly also, there were some members who were sitting ideal for continuous five-year period without speaking a single word. The people give mandate to them to present their problems in the parliament with a view to getting it resolved and also make necessary laws but sorry to say our parliamentarians prefer to sit idle in the august house. This is an open betrayal to the mandate of masses. I suggest that rules and regulations for the parliamentarians must be amended immediately so that our respected deaf and dumb lawmakers must be ousted without any hesitation. Speaker National Assembly as well as Chairman, Senate should play a key role in formulating such rules for strict compliance. I also suggest that Chairman of the Senate and Speakers of the National as well as Provincial Assemblies should release in public every three months the performance report of all Parliamentarians collectively and individually. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, January 2.