While the Kashmiri freedom struggle continues, it seems that individuals within the occupying Indian forces are busy minting money from the rewards system put in place by the Indian state to compel the Kashmiri people to accept the brutalities of Indian occupation. In addition to the other scams practised by Indian Army officers in Kashmir, an Indian newspaper reports that officers are making false recovery of explosive material, actually crates of sand, from detenus, and claiming the rewards. The freedom struggle itself will continue even though Indian occupation forces placed APHC leader Syed Ali Geelani under house arrest, leaving India no alternative but to concede the demands of those engaged in the freedom struggle, which centres around getting rid of the Indian yoke. Even now, the formula evolved by the UN Security Council, to which India acceded, of determining the will of the Kashmiri people through a UN-supervised plebiscite, holds good. Only Indian intransigence, and its establishments repetition of the atoot ang mantra, prevents such a determination of the will of the Kashmiri people. At this point, Pakistan should pay close attention to AJK PM Sardar Atique Ahmad Khan, who has a pivotal role ex officio in the Kashmir freedom struggle, who has said that the eyes of Kashmir are on Pakistan. The diplomatic aspect of the Kashmiri freedom struggle depends on Pakistan giving its diplomatic support, which means that its diplomats should be exposing Indian occupation atrocities to their interlocutors. Unfortunately, Pakistan seems to have fallen in with the American plans for the region, which depend on making India its regional counterweight against China, and making sure that India is able to carry out all its objectives in the region in exchange, whether it is the subjugation of the Kashmiri people and the exploitation of their land, or the undoing of the Partition which resulted in the creation of Pakistan.