Irans Revolutionary Guards commander said on January 2 that they had shot down many spy planes including the two western spy drones entering the Iranian airspace. Bravo. This is the example of a living nation. And this is in sharp contrast to the 124 American drone attacks in 2010 inside Pakistan that killed 1,184 persons, though, according to a report in a national daily, those among killed were 59% civilians while the remaining 41% were terrorists belonging to numerous militant groups based in the Pak-Afghan tribal belt. Although it is encouraging that even if 41% terrorists were not killed as against the 61% civilians, the spared terrorists might have killed more than 61% civilians in suicide or terrorist attacks, this logic does not qualify the justification of giving any country, no matter it be America the superpower, a mandate to violate the international law and sovereignty of our country and set a precedent for other rivals to act inside our territories as and when they deem it fit. It is therefore a dilemma and perhaps the compulsion of situational tolerance that we, who have the capability of shooting down the drones (Pakistan Air Force shot down an Indian drone in 2002), are not resorting to opening a front against Americans, who have nothing to do with mercy because the innocents being killed collaterally are not American citizens. Look at the casualties, sacrifices and damages the Pakistan Army, has suffered during the last many years more than three thousand have embraced martyrdom. Couldnt Pakistan Army use missiles, rockets, tanks, cannons, guns, airpower of fighter jets and gunships? Certainly because the Pakistan Army was acting in its own areas, against terrorists hiding behind its own people, using the human shield; they had to tread carefully, sift through the good to find out the bad. And in the course they themselves became victims. I tell you there is no match for Pakistan Army, its officers and jawans who are the best defenders of their nation. This is how the US military commander Col Viet Luong tells Pentagon, stressing that the Afghan borders cant be sealed. And I tell you there is no example of cowardice on part of the coalition that resorts to finding no other means but to kill civilians, along with terrorists through the drone attacks. Thats why, this establishes that General Kayani is more wise than those who are pressuring him to start ground operation in NWA. ESCHMALL SARDAR, Peshawar, January 3.