Mr Mohammed Khan Sial through his rejoinder dated Jan 1 has wrongly comprehended that I want to deprive Balochistan of its constitutional rights over Reqo Diq project. The main theme of my letter was to stop the surrender of ownership rights to a foreign firm which was clandestinely being negotiated by PPPs federal government of whom Mr Sial is an ardent supporter. The author should shun provincialism and thoroughly read my comprehensive letter as a patriotic Pakistani. I have clearly mentioned that mining rights should not be given to a foreign firm M/s TTC for peanuts who will siphon off the countrys mineral wealth. Instead of exporting raw copper ore through M/s TTC, I recommended to process the ore in the country by setting up large scale industries. Probably Mr Sial is averse to the words under the umbrella of GOP. In no sense mentioning GOP means exclusion of Balochistan from the mega project. Balochistan should own the mines and get full prospective value of the ore. Balochistan government and GOP should develop downstream industry as joint ventures with foreign investors. QASIM IQBAL KHAN, Lahore, January 3.