The drone attacks have killed numerous folks of the tribal areas. Weve all heard the news and moved on. When we encounter a blast in a major city of Pakistan, all media men spend hours and hours denouncing terrorism, and extremism, which no doubt need to be denounced. But we dont criticize it as much when innocent people die in the tribal areas due to drones. If the media aims to criticize the loss of innocent lives, deaths occurring in the tribal regions need just as much attention. Isnt the responsibility of the government and media to give these incidents the same attention that is given to blasts happening within major cities of Pakistan? At least for the safety and well being of the rest of the Pakistanis, it is our responsibility to speak up against this injustice. Unfortunately, the government remains busy in spreading uncertainty among the public, while real issues concerning the state and citizens of Pakistan continue to be well ignored. UNEZA HAMID, Lahore, January 3.