OKARA - A health team conducted raids on 200 medical stores in Okara, Depalpur and Renala Khurd and seized 3,518 bottles of dextromethorphan, the cough syrup that has claimed dozens of lives.

Comprising the district officer, drug Inspector and other officials, the team took more than 80 samples of cough syrups. Following the directives of EDO Health Okara Dr Saeedullah Khan, DO Dr Mohammad Ather and Drug Inspector Shaukat Wahab conducted raids on the medical stores and seized the huge quantity of the syrup.

The samples will be sent to laboratories for analyses. The drug inspector also inspected the medical stores in the main bazaars of Okara city but he could not found the syrup.

The health officials said surprise raids on medical stores would continue, warning that the stores should stop selling banned medicines and syrups.

However, Chemists and Druggist Association Okara President Zia Ahmad Khan directed all the medical stores' owners through a circular that sale of the syrup is prohibited.

He said that to save an ailing person is a kind of worship. He further said the sale of any unauthenticated medicine was prohibited.