LAHORE (PR) - The Lahore Transport Company has clarified news item published in The Nation on Thursday that “hardly 300 buses are operative on the urban bus routes and LTC has nothing to do but to accumulate funds in form of heavy challans of rickshaws and vans”. Spokesman has said that at present majority of urban bus routes are operational and strenuous endeavours led by LTC resulted in almost 500 buses running on various routes of city. Though, owing to deteriorating condition of foreign investment across the country, in this fragile economic environment Chinese, Koreans, Turkish and local companies are investing in urban transport sector which is indicative of their confidence in the policies of Government of Punjab.

In this regard, LTC is making special arrangements for plying new buses in city which will be included soon in the existing fleet of buses.

He further stated that modernised bus control room has been set up in the LTC headquarter for bus monitoring and to ensure the presence of buses on the specified routes of city on time. LTC has been refurbished almost 85 buses which shows that these buses are now not a hazard for the commuters who are travelling on these buses.

As a matter of fact, shortage of CNG is primarily a issue pertaining to federal government, however LTC is making hectic efforts in facilitating the private transport companies for providing CNG to urban transport companies.

In order to maintain urban traffic discipline in city, LTC is entrusted with a mandate to challans and it is also in consonance with a regulative function of the organisation. It is absolutely wrong to say that LTC is making challans for revenue purposes.  It is further clarified that finances collected from challans are deposited in the kitty of Punjab government.