KARACHI  - The Annual Efficiency Competition Parade and Awards Ceremony of Pakistan Navy for the year 2012 was held at PN Dockyard here on Thursday.  The Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Asif Sandila, was the chief guest on the occasion.A PN statement on Thursday said that the Efficiency Parade, held every year, signifies the professional achievements of PN Fleet units over the last 12 months.  Fleet units, which excel in various categories, are awarded shields to acknowledge their outstanding performances, besides boosting healthy competition within the Command. Addressing the ceremony, Chief of the Naval Staff said that we bow our heads in expressing our gratitude to the Almighty for endowing upon us the opportunity to observe and celebrate the conclusion of another year of professional dedication. Simultaneously, it is a day for expressing not only our firm resolve that during the New Year too we shall not only take up the mantle of gradually enhancing our professional standards but also endeavour to apply ourselves dedicatedly towards the accomplishment of our professional goals with even greater commitment. Admiral Asif Sandila said that today we are faced with traditional and a host of non-traditional challenges. However, under the guidance of the govt of Pakistan’s policies, Pakistan Navy is currently engaged in executing its designated efforts to meet the challenges at national as well as regional level, and will continue to play its due role in future too. He stated that to pick up the gauntlet of participating in naval operations to combat terrorism and international piracy in collaboration with allied navies, Pakistan Navy’s regular contribution as well as commanding Task Forces 150 and 151 is ample acknowledgement of PN’s high professional standards as well as endeavour to establish peace in the region. While paying tribute to the brave officers, sailors and men who laid down their lives while defending against terror attacks, he said that in the prevailing milieu, Pakistan Navy has undertaken a number of steps but to effectively counter the prevailing threat, preparation to meet challenges is a persistent effort, constant vigilance and preparedness can make national defence impregnable.  He added that apart from Pakistan Fleet’s various successful operations, the effective execution of Exercises RIBAT and SEASPARK are the prominent achievements. Additionally, Missile and Torpedo firings have played an effective role in enhancing our war preparedness, confidence and training.  He commended the Fleet Command for undertaking the noble task of providing fresh drinking water to the residents of Gwadar and supporting own countrymen.  “I would like to stress that the Government of Pakistan is fully cognizant of the force goals of Pakistan Navy, thus despite an economic crunch, our requirements are being addressed to the best of our needs”, he said. The induction of the Modified P3C aircraft and PNS Azmat in Pakistan Naval Fleet during 2012 is a significant landmark. Additionally, with the construction of PNS Aslat and PNS Deshat (FAC(M) at Karachi shipyard, which will be formally inducted in PN Fleet in 2013, our defence capabilities will be further augmented. This year, ATR-72 aircraft will join PN and replace the ageing Fokkers.  The rapid changes in the technologies for defence equipment, especially Maritime Warfare and latest developments in Naval Strategies, demand optimum professional capabilities and the highest level of proficiency.  The Naval Chief said that we must be mindful that the acquisition of modern defence equipment alone is not the path to success but professional capability and teamwork are the guarantors of our success.  Taking cognizance of this need, in order to enhance the training standards and make it more effective, we have declared 2013 to be the year for “Training”. I am confident that if all of us devote maximum attention to training, there will be overall progress in Pakistan Navy. He emphasised all to continue with hard work, dedication and steadfastness, besides strength of character, to fulfill our obligations and to bring good name to the service. Pakistan Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Zakaullah, in his welcome address, recounted the operational achievements of PN Fleet during the year 2012. In the end, chief guest Admiral Asif Sandila gave away the shields and congratulated all the winners.