LAHORE – Sticking to its guns, the Tehreek Minhajul Quran (TMQ) has said that the Punjab Assembly’s resolution to block its march to Islamabad will not succeed. “The Minjah will lead marchers on January 14 at all costs,” TMQ central spokesman Qazi Faizul Islam said on Thursday in response to PA move against their rally. He insisted: “The TMQ long march will proceed according to its schedule and a people’s parliament will decide the future course of this country in Islamabad on January 14. All roadblocks will be crossed.” He maintained the TMQ would cease the political bargains of two political parties in the name of the people on January 14. Meanwhile, the TMQ has acquired the support of around 250 Mashaikh and Ulema for its long march during a convention at Tehreek’s headquarters on Thursday night.

Dr Tahir ul Qadri, TMQ chief addressing the convention maintained that he would proceed with three hundred thousand participants from Lahore to launch a march to Islamabad.

He claimed that the participants of the march would become a gathering of four million people at its concluding point in the federal capital.

Dr Qadri warned that the movement started by the TMQ on December 23, 2013 has now turned into a revolution and the people’s parliament to gather on January 14, would not adjourn till the decision of their fate.  He said that Quaid-i-Azam created this country for the poor Muslims of the sub-continent and not for the feudal and elite classes. TMQ chairman added that people would end the rule of land and industrial feudal during on January 14.  He said that he would launch the march using the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road). On this occasion, a follower of Dr Qadri who came from London announced that he would provide five crore rupees for the food arrangements of the marchers.