ISLAMABAD - The National Standing Committee for Information and Broadcasting on Thursday asked the government to impose a ban on telecasting Indian dramas during prime time transmission and make amendments in PEMRA rules to take action against such TV channels.

The committee, which met here under the chairpersonship of Begum Belam Hasnain, expressed its strong resentment over the foreign cultural invasion and recommended imposition of ban on foreign advertisement on Pakistani TV channels. It said that as a result of foreign advertisements, country’s advertising industry was on the verge of collapse.

In addition to the committee members, the meeting was attended by Secretary Information Chaudhry Rashid Ahmad, Managing Director PTV Yusuf Beg Mirza, Acting Chairman PEMRA Abdul Jabbar and representatives of United Producers Association.  Member of the Committee Shakil Awan said that PEMRA laws are not being enforced and also drew the attention that no regular chairman has been appointed in PEMRA for the last three years.

Bushra Rehman said that all the private channels were airing Indian dramas, songs and other programmes and demanded a ban on the dubbing of foreign dramas. She said 99 per cent Pakistanis were against telecast of Indian dramas.

Shireen Arshad asked the Pakistani producers and actors to devise a code of conduct for themselves. She said people like Veena Malik were bringing a band name for the country. She questioned as to why the Pakistani actors did not come on street against Veena Malik. She said there was ban on Indian models in Pakistan and today the advertising agencies are suffering.

The Managing Director PTV said that there should be ban on foreign dramas because dubbing creates problems.

Prominent film and drama actor Mohammad Qavi said that by showing foreign dramas, they were being made jobless. He regretted that restrictions are imposed on Pakistani films and referred to his film, which could not be released for 26 years as it was based on national unity.