SANAA - A new US drone strike on Thursday killed three Al-Qaeda suspects in the town of Rada in Yemen’s central Al-Bayda province, the site of similar recent attacks, tribal sources there said. Mukbel Abbad, brother-in-law of Tareq al-Dahab who led the Al-Qaeda fighters in a brief January 2012 raid on Rada, was killed along with two other suspects, the sources said. Abbad was a “leading” Al-Qaeda figure, one source said. On Saturday, a similar drone strike killed three suspected militants in the same region, in what was the fourth attack in one week.  Thursday’s attack brings to 14 the number of Al-Qaeda suspects killed in Yemen since December 24.

Dahab, who led the Al-Qaeda fighters in the January raid on the town, was shot dead in February 2012 by his half-brother, who a tribal chief said was hired by Yemeni authorities.

Dahab’s other brother-in-law was US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi, who was killed in a suspected US drone strike in September.