LAHORE – The Punjab Assembly members in a rare show of solidarity in the House, unanimously adopted a resolution against the long march of Dr Tahirul Qadri terming it a conspiracy against the parliament, democracy and the upcoming general elections.

The resolution jointly presented by the Opposition members, Shaukat Basra and Zulfiqar Gondal of PPP, also demanded the federal government and the Election Commission of Pakistan ensure timely elections without any fear. All democratic forces in the country were urged through the resolution to join hands against the elements advancing their specific agenda against democracy.

The session which started on Thursday about three hours beyond the schedule with Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan in the chair, saw a unique unanimity and one voice of every member against long march and its purpose. The members came down hard on Dr Qadri while some of them demanded high treason case against him and his immediate arrest.

Shaukat Basra even offered the PML-N to join the federal government while some other speakers described Qadri as a “CIA-planted man who has been up to destablise the democratic system”.

Although, though the House also took a serious view of thrashing of senior doctors in Gujranwala and set Friday to debate on the issue, rest of the proceedings was held on Dr Qadri and his long march after the routine business was suspended.

In his speech, Zulfiqar Gondal said such conspiracies near the elections are not new to the country but the Opposition and the government this time round, have joined hand to defeat them. He said Qadri is a Canadian national, who is out to disrepute our parliament and the government. He laid stress on exposing the elements at the support of Qadri and appealed to the democratic forces in the country to help ensure free, fair, transparent and timely elections. The nation will not accept any other Moeen Qureshi or foreign national in the rule this time round, he warned.

Ashgar Munda of PML-N said only democracy can keep the country and the nation intact which neither any agency nor establishment can do it. He said today Dr Qadri is posing a champion of Islam but where he was when girls of Jamai Hafza were being killed. He said had high treason trial of Pervez Musharraf been held, Qadri like persons would not have dared challenge democracy today.

Sajida Mir of PPP said Qadri today is feeling much to ameliorate the system to turn it true democratic and posed a question where he was when Musharraf toppled a democratic government in 1999 and why not he then held such a mammoth rally against the dictator. Sajida also fell hard on the coalition partners and said ‘telephonic leader’ who remained with Musharraf is siding with Qadri today who is here with an agenda made by imperialistic and conspiratorial forces to derail the democratic process. She said Altaf Hussain has welcomed him while Ch Shujaat himself went to see him notwithstanding that fact they are part of the government in the democratic system.

Rana Arshad of PML-N said: “Qadri has come here with a foreign agenda prepared by the CIA whom a ‘juggler’ sitting in London supports but he must understand that Pakistan is not a jagir of an individual.”

Ehsanul Haq Nolatia of PPP on the constitutional plain countered Qadri agenda and the stand on it and inferred that Qadri had committed a gross subversion of the constitution by construing its meanings to his personal advantages. Hence was liable to punishment under Article 6 of the Constitution, he added.

Waris Kallu of PML-N termed Qadri and his mission a foreign conspiracy against the country and Islam.

Shaukat Basra said strict action will ensue if writ of the government is challenged through the long march.

Mian Rafiq, Dr Akhtar Malik, Arifa Pervez and others addressed the house. The session has been adjourned till 9am Friday.