Multan/HAFIZABAD -The Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussein (RA) and other martyrs of Karbala was marked with religious fervour and solemnity here across the province on Thursday.

The day past peacefully amid tight security as no untoward incident took place. Mobile phone service remained suspended throughout the day. About a dozen processions of Alam and Zuljinnah were brought out by the mourners from different parts of city while Majalis-e-Aza were held in imambargahs under tight security. The security apparatus was put on red alert by the district administration to avert any unhappy incident. The participants of Chehlum were frisked with metal detectors by the security officials while walk-through-gates were installed at those imambargahs where majalis-e-aza were held.

The majalis-e-aza were followed by processions of Alam and Zuljinnah at imambargahs Shah Gardez, Jawadiya inside Delhi Gate, Haweli Murid Shah inside Bohar Gate, Syed Allah Bakhsh Aimanabad, Chowk Shah Abbas and Sooraj Miani. The mourners flagellated themselves with sharp knives mounted on chains, blades and swords during the processions.

A central control room was set up at the DCO office where focal persons appointed by all departments for Chehlum duty remained present throughout the day. The control room was connected with all other outlets through wireless and landline telephone.

The district health department established medical camps at the routes of Chehlum processions and offered first aid facility to the mourners, who self flagellated during the processions.

Earlier, chairing a meeting of clerics from different sects, the DCO Nasim Sadiq said that terrorism was the biggest problem being faced by the country today. "The only way to control this problem is to exhibit unity and tolerance," he added. The clerics assured the district administration of their full cooperation.

In HAFIZABAD, the 'Chehlum' of Hazrat Imam Hussein (RA) was observed, amid tight security here in Hafizabad and other towns of the district with religious reverence. No untoward incident was reported from any part of the district.

A Zuljinnah precession was brought out from inside the old city which terminated at Fawara Chowk after passing through Main Bazaar. The procession was ensued by a Majlis-e-Aza wherein cleric called upon the Muslims to inculcate in themselves the spirit of sacrifice and tolerance.

They strongly condemned the target killings in Karachi and Balochistan and appealed to the authorities to take concrete steps to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.