LAHORE– PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said that the long march call of self-proclaimed SheikhulIslam Tahirul Qadri is nothing but an attempt to disrupt and sabotage the elections process. Addressing a press conference Thursday along with Jamhoori Watan Party leader Talal Bugti in Raiwind, Nawaz said that Qadri with his few thousandfollowers could not held 180million Pakistanis hostage.Nawaz said why on earth Qadri was launching a long march when elections were about to be held, adding that apparently the march aimed at hitting the PML-N by delaying elections but his party would not let this happen. He said that people could not be fooled any longer and they knew that Qadri was actually targeting the PML-N and his ultimatum was also for his party. Calling long march a ‘tamasha’ (juggling) the former premier saidit was surprising that coalition partnerswere taking part in it. “The government allies are taking part in anti-government long march. The deputy prime minister and the federal ministers will be among its participants to the wonders of heavens.”He satirically said that the PML-Q voters should question Pervez Elahi whether he was with Sheikhul Islam or President Zardari, suggesting Elahi to side with one as he could not be on both sides simultaneously. Referring to the support of coalition partners for an anti-government march, the PML-N president said the country was facing difficulties due to such turncoats. He said where Qadri was when the nation was suffering and from where he sprung up now proclaiming the biggest sympathiser of the people.  Commenting on Qadri’s statement to make a Tehrir Square in Islamabad, he said the people came to Tehir Square had a clean past and they wanted to rid the country of the dictatorship.He said it was regrettable that Qadri urged his poor followers to sell their valuables for the sake of his aimless campaign, adding that the nation did not need such leaders.He mentioned that Sheikhul Islam was a right hand of Genral (r) Musharraf when the PML-Q announced to get him elected president 10-time in uniform.  On his turn, Jamhoori Watan Party leader Talal Bugti said that Qadri came back to sabotage the upcoming elections. Speaking about his party's election plans, Bugti said the JWP would forge an alliance with the PML-N for elections. He said that he would have another meeting with Nawaz Sharif to discuss their future strategy.