PESHAWAR - The Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and other martyred of Karbala was observed amid tight security in the provincial metropolis on Thursday. After the zuhr prayer, the main mourners procession took out from Alamdar Karbala Imambargah near Qissa Khawani bazaar, which was culminated at Imambargah Akhunabad at Church Road at evening time, while passing through its traditional routes. The day marked to commemorate the supreme sacrifices rendered by Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and his 72 companions at Karbala to uphold the truth. Aziyiya, Alam and Zuljinah processions were taken out at different parts of the province under the massive security arrangements.Around 5,000 police and personnel of law enforcement agencies were deployed at all routes of processions, Imambargahs, and wherein Majalas Azha were being held in different parts of the city and cantonment areas. Police erected blockade at 22 points, armoured vehicles patrolled in city area, and rest other sensitive districts of the province.Under the security plan, the police backed of paramilitary forces covered entire procession routes in the most sensitive districts by the protective gadgets, like armoured vehicles, sophisticated weapons, and metal detectors. Security was remained high alert as the mobile service suspended from 12:00 pm (Wednesday) night to 5:00 pm (Thursday) evening, in six sensitive districts, including Peshawar, Hangu, DI Khan, Bannu, Kohat and Tank. The district government also imposed section 144, and entry of Afghan refugees strictly ban to city areas. All shopping markets, hotel and restaurants in Qissa Khawani, Khyber Bazaar, Mohallah Jangi, Kochi Bazaar, Meena Bazaar, Dalgara, and other shops situated in adjacent areas, were remained closed as interior city was completely sealed off for protection of mourners’ processions by erected hurdles and concrete blocks and covered with tents all sensitive areas. The mourners processions monitored by closed-circuit cameras, while police personnel’s strictly carried out body search by metal detectors before entering the processions and majalas Azha. The shia faithful carried out self-flagellation of their body and recited nawa khawani.Paramedical staff from local hospitals as well as ambulances of Edhi foundation accompanied by processions to provide first Aid, while those suffering deep wounds in the self-flagellation were shifted to hospital. Rescue 1122 teams deployed to deal with any emergency situation. The volunteers of shia community, activists of Imamia Students Organisation, also deployed for protection of mourners processions at various locations in city and cantonment areas. Later, the Shiite Ulema and scholars during Majalas highlighted the significance of the Ashura and Chehlum, and paid rich tribute to Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions for sacrifices to remain live Islam forever.The Shia leaders prayed for peace and prosperity of the country. They stressed the need for forging unity and brotherhood among all religious sects. Giving history sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and other martyred of Karabala, they said the day is give a message of peace, tolerance and brotherhood, which need to adopt for tackling with anti-Islam forces. They demanded for exposing of killers of innocent people, belonging to shia sect, who targeted in Karachi and Bolachistan.