Pakistan is enriched with culture, art, architecture, sports, literature and languages which makes the country truly diverse. The influence of the West has been so great that the regional languages have not been enjoying much popularity. We are constantly breaking away from our traditions and values. What once was a treasure, now it has become history. Little do we know that regional languages help us find our original culture and roots.

The rich Sindhi poetry, the tales of ‘Heer Ranjha’ and ‘Sassi Punu’, the Baloch and Pashto literature has been virtually lost. Folk songs, literature, spiritual and inspirational quotes are not cherished anymore. What we fail to understand is that these languages are a part of us. Poets like Sachal Sarmad, Sultan Bahu, Jam Darag and Ameer Khusro have taken poetry to a new level. It is indeed saddening that the new generation has moved away from this golden era of literature and the true rich culture of Pakistan.


Karachi, December 27.