Considering the current law and order situation the fact that the loss of lives due to terrorism on daily basis is indeed a tragedy for all of us remains a glaring truth. The loss of one life shatters a whole family. Most uninformed people are calling these incidents ‘sectarianism’ though both are done in the name of religion.

If we just put aside the reality and assume that Pakistan is actually going through ‘sectarian’ clashes then the 18 crore population of Pakistan, whether they are Shiah or Sunni, they are not secure in their houses. We cannot term the few extremist elements as a sect. Rawalpindi incident on Aashoora day has shown us a very clear picture of many hidden facts. The way Shiah-Sunni unity has come to the front after this incident is truly remarkable. The extremist elements who tried to weaken the unity were badly exposed by Shiah-Sunni scholars later. Neither sect owned those extremist elements nor did anybody support them. Both sects raised the slogan that these fanatics do not belong to any sect and Rawalpindi incident is not sectarianism, its terrorism.

The only thing which is needed is tolerance. It is obligatory to keep the patience in this situation.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan has given the right to every citizen that they can live their lives according to their beliefs. It is not always necessary to agree with each other’s point of view. Everyone has the right to dissent but no religion allows slaughtering others on the basis of these differences. We can disagree but these conflicts should not turn into hatred. It is the need of the hour to agree to disagree. Only then can we be able to maintain peace.


December 26.