HYDERABAD  - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain, addressing a public gathering here on Friday, again asked for a new province for Muhajirs, saying, "If you do not like Urdu speaking Sindhis, make a separate province for them.”

Altaf said the things can be more serious if not taken wisely. He criticised the PPP government over local government elections and illegal delimitations. “Sindhi and Urdu speaking people want to live together and do not want any division,” he added.

The MQM chief lashed out at the Sindh provincial government, demanding immediate solution to the problems of the Mujahir community. He demanded a separate province for the urban population of Sindh and went ahead to say that the demand for a separate province might turn into a demand for a separate country if their concerns were not addressed timely.

Altaf further claimed that the Urdu-speaking population outnumbers the Sindhi populace, which can be verified through an independent UN census.

Addressing Bilawal and Asif Ali Zardari, he said if the concerns of Muhajir community were not addressed timely, they would call for a separate province and if the problems still remained unsolved, the demand for a province could become the demand for a separate country.

“We are also people of Sindh; if we have been living side by side in Sindh since long, we can live in separate provinces as well,” he added. “The court ruled in our favour about the injustices done to the Muhajir community. Both of us are alike, if you step forward to shake hands, we’ll reciprocate”, he went on saying.

Altaf Hussain further warned that Urdu-speaking community was well aware of how to cross rivers of blood. “It was experienced well by our ancestors and we, being their children, know how to take what’s ours,” the MQM chief maintained. “We neither came to Pakistan to become slaves, nor are we here to become masters, we merely want to become equal citizens,” he asserted.

Altaf also demanded immediate suspension of ‘operation against MQM workers’. ‘We know how to sacrifice our lives; we have done that in the past and can do it again,” the MQM chief reiterated. He vowed to open Sindh University in Hyderabad if the provincial government did not do it in a month, giving a deadline to the government.

Altaf Hussain then took on to the establishment: “You want to sideline half of the population of Sindh. When will you interfere? Are you going to intervene when Muhajirs will demand an independent state? What do you want? Don’t call me a traitor, I am not saying anything; I am merely speaking philosophically. I am not a constitutional expert.”

Talking about Musharraf, the MQM chief warned, “What are you doing to Musharraf, a Muhajir? Article 5 comes before Article 6. I am a student of constitution. Punish Musharraf if you want, but also imprison those who acted upon the martial law orders on ground. Why are others being excused?” added Altaf Hussain.

“General (r) Kayani, ex-CJP Iftikhar Ch and other judges are also part and parcel of extrajudicial acts,” he claimed.

Urging the party workers about his legacy, Altaf Hussain said: “It doesn’t matter whatever happens to me. Even if I am killed, do not let my movement die.”

Finally, Altaf Hussain called upon Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to intervene immediately, saying the provincial government has abandoned them.