JORDAN: A game of hide and seek in South Jordan, Utah, amongst some young family members didn’t end so well when one of them, an 11-year-old girl named Trinity, got stuck in a washing machine. As KSL News reports, she thought that the washing machine would be a great hiding place. And it was, or at least, it was until she realised getting out was much more difficult than getting in.

When the young lady tried to get out, she couldn’t and ended the game by calling for help. Her playmates had some interesting ideas for a solution. As KUTV 2 News reports, they decided the best plan of action was to try and slide her out. For lubicrant, they first tried butter. That didn’t work, so they then used peanut butter. And if you can believe it, that didn’t work either. So they tried ice. Which successfully made Trinity cold and, unsuccessfully, didn’t do anything to free her? They then poured warm water on her to combat the ice and did what they should have done all along: called her mom, Nicole Rhoades, for help.

The Salt Lake Tribune notes that because the washer was beneath a stackable dryer, there wasn’t a lot of room to work with. Nicole and her sister first tried to get Trinity out themselves, but realized they couldn’t do it, and called 911. Firefighters arrived. Rhoades told KSL that they “got some power tools out. Some big snips, to get people out of cars, they were thinking they were going to have to cut down the middle of the washer.–ODD