ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI  - Former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf was said to be feeling well on Friday, a day after he was rushed to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC) on his way to the Special Court which had summoned him for his trial in the treason case.

A board of doctors is yet to decide if Musharraf needed treatment abroad or in the country amidst reports that the doctors were conducting more tests to ascertain his overall health situation. Still, AFIC has not officially released any statement on the health situation of the former President.

"The General is feeling well and we are conducting his medical checkup at regular intervals….every two hours. It is, however, not decided whether to send him abroad for treatment," Major General (r) Azhar Kiyani, a surgeon doctor and one of the top doctors treating the former President, told The Nation on Friday.

Sources said the retired general spent Friday with his family including his daughter and wife and vowed to face trial in Pakistan. "He's not going abroad. Rather, he will face the charges leveled against him," a source close to Pervez Musharraf claimed.

Speculations and rumours regarding the former president's possible sojourn abroad in the near future, however, kept on circling in the federal capital. Some sections of political and diplomatic circles meanwhile kept on linking the Pakistan visit of Saudi foreign minister on coming Monday with a clandestine deal over Musharraf. People close to Musharraf are, however, not ready to give credence to such speculations.

Musharraf was rushed to the hospital on Thursday following heart attack on his way to court, the third time he has missed a court appearance in his treason trial. The former military strongman fell sick (engina pain) as he was on his way to the court to appear in treason case.

Earlier, the sources said Musharraf could be shifted to Dubai or Singapore by air-ambulance for better treatment; however, report of angiography and doctors' opinion would decide whether Musharraf could be sent abroad or not.

All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) senior leaders have denied that Musharraf is leaving abroad for medical treatment.

"Musharraf is not going anywhere. He will remain in the country till the completion of legal proceedings," a senior leader talking to The Nation on Friday.

He will face all charges and he has been already granted bail in Benazir Bhutto, Akbar Bugti and judges' detention cases, the APML leader claimed. "If we had to make a deal, we would have done that long ago."

A 3-member Special Court headed by Justice Faisal Arab resumed the hearing of high treason case against Musharraf on Thursday. Counsel for Pervez Musharraf and prosecutors exchanged hot words Thursday at the inception of hearing of high treason case in Special Court (SC) constituted for prosecution of former president.  Rana Ejaz, counsel for Pervez Musharraf told the court that prosecutor Akram Sheikh had threatened for hurling shoe on Pervez Musharraf. Akram Sheikh thinks himself to be hero and he has come here with giving understanding to Nawaz Sharif that he will insult Musharraf.

Meanwhile, Musharraf remained under observation of senior cardiologists at Cardiac Care Unit-II of Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology on the second consecutive day on Friday.

Senior Cardiologist Maj Gen Imran Majid along with his six-member team examined the former president and took his blood samples for conducting medical tests.

A seven-member medical board, formed to treat ailing Musharraf examined all the medical reports of the patient, sources said, adding that the board is likely to send the reports of former COAS to foreign countries for further suggestions of world's top cardiologists.

"The medical reports are said to be sent to foreign cardiologists for consultation. It will be decided whether or not the former president will continue his treatment at AFIC after consultation with foreign cardiac specialists and tests’ results," sources added. Nobody is allowed to see Musharraf in CCU-II except the medical team.

On the other hand, security was put on high alert around AFIC with deployment of Pakistan Army troops, Elite Force and Rangers. Barricades were also placed around the hospital while traffic police were asked not to allow anyone to park vehicle in the area. Even the security forces are not allowing the attendants to enter inside the hospital.