Former prime minister and PPP senior Vice Chairman Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that Nawaz-League made tall claimed during election campaign to cure all ailments but all the problems aggravated after they came to power.

Talking to the journalists here on Friday, he added that the rulers failed to devise any public-friendly policy and the government was being run in chaos. He maintained that the youth loan scheme would also prove another burden on national exchequer like old schemes of Qarz Otaro Mulk Sanwaro and Peeli Taxi. “This new scheme will cause a serious hike in corruption,” he claimed.

He declared that the PPP would soon announce a new economic policy to steer the country out of prevailing economic crisis. He suggested to the government to find out remedy of national institutions’ sickness instead of their privatization. He said that today the masses held comparisons of the prices of all daily-use items and edibles during the PPP government and current regime. 

He claimed that democracy and democratic institutions were stable in the country today because of the policies introduced and constitutional steps taken by the previous government of PPP. He added that the separation movements in the country ended because of restoration of 1973 Constitution and grant of autonomy to the provinces. He claimed that despite not having simple majority in the house, his government implemented 85 per cent of charter of democracy.

Meanwhile, addressing the participants of the concluding session of an Urs, he said that peace could be restored in the country through Sufism, adding that acting upon the sayings of saints could help eliminate extremism. He said that the nation needed to get united against terrorism and extremism.