ISLAMABAD  - The Supreme Court was moved on Friday for the direction to the Election Commission of Pakistan for verification of thumb impression of voters in all the constituencies stepwise.

The petition was filed by Kalsoom Akhtar advocate through her counsel Tariq Asad advocate under Article 184(3) of the Constitution, making Federation through its Secretary Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs, Secretary Ministry of Interior, Election Commission of Pakistan through its Secretary and National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) through its Chairman as respondents.

The petitioner prayed that in the first step, the verification of thumb impression of voters is done in the constituencies of Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, Speakers and Opposition Leaders and if rigging is proved then the same exercise may be repeated in the next important constituencies and so on to uphold democracy.

The petitioner stated that the recent general elections of the members of National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies had been conducted on 11-05-2013 under the supervision of Election Commission of Pakistan.

She contended that since then a large number of complaints of rigging in several constituencies have been filed by the candidates individually and political parties and as a result by recounting and thumb impressions it was proved that rigging did take place.

The petitioner further submitted that the people are perturbed that the rigging had taken place on a large scale due to which it is believed that there is a stigma that the prime minister and the provincial ministers may have been elected by rigging.

She said that the verification of thumb impressions of voters be conducted to ensure complete transparency and cooperation of all kinds including NADRA be provided to the Election Commission of Pakistan in the matter of verification of thumb impression.

 She further said that the process of verification of thumb impression conducted by the EC leads to a very successful result.