Speakers at a seminar emphasised on the youth to create their own world and work with passion by exhibiting excellent character to serve the humanity.

The seminar titled “Character-Building and Personality Development” was arranged by Office of Senior Tutor University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

Speaking on the occasion, UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad termed the youth engine for the development. He emphasized the need for taking every step for the character building of students. He said that Pakistan was blessed with the talented youth. But, we are not tapping their full potential. He called for taking steps to provide platform to students to exhibit their skills and give voice to their inner abilities. He hailed the steps being taken on the part of Senior Tutor Office in this regard.

In his speech, writer Syed Qasim Ali Shah urged the youth to purify their soul and follow the injections of Islam which would not only guarantee their bright future. He stressed the need for illuminating their heart with the love of Allah and the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He called for working with dedication in the field which had compatibility with your behaviour.

Renowned scholar Noorul Hassan said that we had to think about the task given by Allah. He stressed the need for finding ways to emerge an ideal nation. He urged the people to spend their lives for promoting the teachings of Islam which guides us in all matters of life

Social Worker Farah Zaiba stressed the need for expediting the efforts to work for redressing the problems of people. She said that Islam gives us a lesson to sacrifice.

Anees Ahmad said that the character building was the base for the development and prosperity of any nation. He said that special attention needs to be put on the character building.   

Senior Tutor Prof Dr Muhammad Aslam said that Islam teaches us the lessons of unity, peace and tolerance. He said that with the arrival of the last and final Messenger (PBUH), the darkness of ignorance disappeared and rays of light surfaced everywhere.