As Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman looks set to reassume the Chairmanship of the Parliamentary Kashmir Committee, he hastasked the government to formulate a concrete policy on the future of the disputed area. One would think that the Kashmir Committee’s head would have that job but it seems we are all mistaken. Already in charge for six years, one would have expected Maulana Fazl to have achieved something by now, but doing anything the right way is too much to ask for in this country. Instead shifting the blame on the government is all too convenient, for a person who has basically been given the same status as a federal minister to do exactly what he is asking others to do. 

So why is a person, who has consistently done nothing of value, guaranteed the top slot in an important parliamentary committee? The present order is not yielding any results and clearly a change needs to be made if things are to move forward. Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman should not be allowed to treat this position as his birthright, and should either shape up or ship out. Decades of failure are only acceptable if changes were being made in the system, which does not seem likely at present.

In an another example of stagnancy, Munawwar Hassan is likely to be reelected as JI’s party chief, and the party’s gradual regression into anonymity continues with little hope for any political relevance. The reality is stark, and the JI is steadily losing all influence in Pakistani politics. Whether they choose to see it or not, our society has evolved and they have not.  While the rest of Pakistan is now focused on prioritizing practicality over what the underlying ideology is behind specific policies, the JI is still bent on parroting values even when they have little bearing on the real world. People are increasingly looking for things that make sense to them on a rational basis, and when pushing imbalanced opinions such as making martyrs out of enemies becomes a hobby, then we know that it is too late to try and salvage any sort of political support for the future. But if this is the way JI wants to go, then it is their choice, to fade away and diminish until nothing is left, without making too much of a sound with the death rattle.