South Asia has been facing different types of issues starting from poverty to interstate conflict. The major countries in Asia are focusing more on piling up of arms, controlling national resources and on having regional power instead of improving the life of the poor and local people and respecting their rights. Terrorism, water control, controlling and expanding territories and border are the most prominent issues between the major countries of the region. India and Pakistan have an ongoing conflict over Kashmir, Siachen, water and Sir Creek issues. The clash over Kashmir has now become very critical.

In the past, efforts have been made to find a viable solution to this problem, however there does not seem to be one. There seems to be a lack of will on both sides. Pakistan has tried to resolve this issue peacefully but India has not shown any regard. Pakistan wanted this issue to be resolved by a UN resolution but UN has not been successful in compelling India to implement this decision. Opportunity must be given to the people of Kashmir to decide their fate peacefully under UN Security Council resolutions.

The recent tension over Line of Control (LoC) has multiplied the danger of conflict between Indo-Pak. It is not clear when the political level dialogue will take place between the two countries. In fact, Indian political and military leadership is not serious in resolving these issues at all and as they say you cannot clap with one hand.

We need to be looking at projects for economic development instead of piling up arms. If the international community cannot help Pakistan in resolving the Kashmir issue it should not expect any help from Pakistan in resolving their issues as well! We should be asking America to take an active stand and back us up against India. The global community should unite against India and Israel who continue to violate all human right issues as well as war crimes. There is requirement of global intervention in resolving the major conflicts since without addressing these there can be no peace .

The second World War was labeled as the war to end all wars but America continues its aggression and no one seems to be interested in stopping them or even questioning their motives.


Rawalpindi, December 24.