KARACHI  - “We can die but can’t give Sindh to others, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari posted a massage on twitter on Friday shortly after MQM chief Altaf Hussain said a separate province should be constituted in Sindh for Urdu-speaking community to address their woes.

The PPP chief also responded to his critics and said, “If my tweets freak you out, wait and see what I can do in the Parliament.” Bilawal said they are ready to die, but are not prepared to share Sindh with anyone.

Bilawal conveyed a clear message to Altaf Hussain, while responding to his demand of dividing Sindh, by writing a popular slogan of Sindh, “Marsoon Marsoon Par Sindh Nan Desoon” (We will like to die repeatedly, but won’t give Sindh to anyone).

Altaf Hussain responded to Bilawal’s tweet immediately: “Mr Bilawal, we know your sentiments, we are good boys, not bad boys; you are my nephew. I advise you to think several times before you speak. Like you, we are also humans and have sentiments. It is my suggestion as an uncle to you and I don’t want to talk to you on this matter because I can talk to your father instead. You are my nephew, behave like a nephew, Asifa is my niece, Bakhtawar is my niece and I respect you all, but this division must come to an end. It depends on you how you solve the problem.”