LAHORE - Selection committee member and National Cricket Academy (NCA) head coach Mohammad Akram believes that Saeed Ajmal’s career is not over after he was withdrawn for the 2015 World Cup 15-man squad reckoning.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will submit the final lineup before January 7 deadline and Ajmal will not be part of the group which will try their luck in the mega event. However, Akram, who is a former player and ex-bowling coach of Pakistan, feels that Ajmal will be very much needed once World Cup is over.

“Pakistan have lot of cricket coming up after the World Cup and Ajmal will be needed in future,” Akram said. “I’m sure that he will be seen once again in international cricket because Pakistan needs him. Ajmal has been the number one bowler in the world and he wants to return with same effectiveness because he doesn’t want to be a liability on the team.”

Akram added that the decision of Ajmal’s withdrawal from World Cup came after the mutual understanding and Ajmal is working really hard to regain his golden touch. “He has always played for his country and all his decisions are in the best interest of Pakistan. Ajmal has got a big reputation and he doesn’t want to ruin it. It is one thing to clear the test while it is different to make a comeback with same venom in your bowling.”The official further revealed that the illegal bowling action committee will soon decide about requesting for Ajmal’s official reassessment and it will be done within two weeks. According to Akram, Ajmal’s informal test at the Loughborough University (UK) suggested that all his deliveries except ‘doosra’ were clear and ‘doosra’ was two degrees above the permissible limit of 15 degrees. He also showed optimism regarding M Hafeez, who appeared for informal testing in Chennai, stating that he will get clear and the team management will have more than five weeks to work on his bowling.