Vicenza  - Amy Adams can’t remember the last things she forgot. Despite her own A-list status, Amy couldn’t help but get excited when she met her fellow redhead. She’s a big fan of Julianne’s work, as well as her bold personality.

‘I was last starstruck when I met Julianne Moore for the first time. The Big Lebowski, are you kidding me? So amazing! And Boogie Nights? I could just keep going. I was pretty awestruck to meet her. She's bold. She's brave. She goes for it,’ Amy gushed to People magazine.

The actress was grilled by the publication for their One Last Thing feature, which sees stars reveal the last time they did something. As well as revealing the last meal she cooked, Amy also spoke about the last time she won something – which was a game of Boggle against her fiancé Darren Le Gallo.

On the subject of the last thing she forgot Amy found it hard to remember. ‘I lose so many things; my fiancé made me a T-shirt that said ‘I lose things I need.’ He thought that was funny. I forgot the last thing that I forgot!’ she giggled. The 40-year-old finds it hard to buy boots that fit her well so when she broached the subject of last things she returned, the footwear sprang to mind immediately. ‘A pair of boots from Shopbop. They don't make boots for petite girls! My dream is that they'd hit me midcalf. Many things have gone back because they didn't look like they did on, you know, Gisele Bündchen, supermodel,’ she joked.