Some people who achieved something extraordinary in the past never thought or planned about getting so well known. With sheer conviction and hard work they just kept substantiating their selves and whole world witnessed their glory. Faiz Ahmed Faiz said once very subtly that “Those who live to die are a disgrace but those who die to live are blessed”. But today’s Yolo generation have totally changed the meaning of life and death.

Everybody wants to get heard, being loved and being appreciated are inherited charms which nobody can deny. From a word go humans wanted to influence each other, this way or that way. But things have “slightly” changed in the recent past. Earlier, people wanted to get famous for their work but now, they only want to get famous and they could pay any price for it without thinking for a split second that what “legacy” they are leaving behind.

There is another aspect to the whole story, unprecedented rise of media (social media including). In a country like Pakistan, which is still hanging between left and right, it is hard to define the parameters about right and wrong. After the fury of private news channel, people thought that now the society would become aware and situation will change eventually. Yes, situation has changed a lot but unfortunately not in the favour of masses. Today a common man is more informed but that “information” is dubious and cannot be trusted.  

Similar is the case with social media. It has provided a cushion to those who never wanted to work anyway. It’s easy to put a status and selfie and wait for the likes than doing something real and getting some real appreciation, some real likes.

We all know about a name, “Tahir Shah”, singer of famous “super hit” song “eye to eye”. The video of song was so stupid that it went viral like anything. Tahir Shah emerged as a overnight superstar and remained talk of the town for some time. He was even invited in different TV shows for interviews. Just for their TRP’s, no channel thought that how this will affect the youngsters. They could only understand one impression, “be stupid and get famous”. This is story of 2013, my question is, where is Tahir Shah now? Maybe planning another stupid act somewhere, here I don’t want to mock him but I am mocking this trend wholly. They are flukes, just like bubbles, you can’t see them after they burst. So before doing anything stupid, keep one thing in mind, there is no shortcut to success. Fame without substance will leave you as a mockery device for masses. On this note lets discus the flukes and bubbles of 2014 which you will hardly witness in 2015.

Zaid Ali :

The first in the list is Zaid Ali . It was a hard decision to put him in this list because among all the bubbles of 2014, he is doing a relatively okay job. He is a British born Pakistani and he produces homemade videos containing humour regarding behaviour of brown parents, as he is getting famous, he is expanding the scopes of video as well. He is YouTube sensation, his videos are simple, light and almost every Pakistani and Indian can relate to them. After Zaid fame, many started doing the same but most of them failed miserably. That is exactly my point, Zaid’s idea was original and his hardwork earned him this position but this idea cannot be replicated and those who would try to copy him will lose their own creative tendencies. Even Zaid has to translate his talent into something more cohesive form if he wants to explore the subject appropriately. For those who are wasting their efforts in making clueless homemade videos, kindly find another activity as nobody is really interested.

Gullu Butt :

He never would have thought that breaking screens will get him so much fame that his name will become a phenomenon. It’s true because Gullu butt was sensationalized to such extreme that word “Gullu” was about to make Oxford dictionary this year. I was surprised when I saw him on popular news channel in a prime time show giving an interview to the news anchor. What could you possibly ask Gullu Butt ? But thanks to our media for providing us with such lousy “heroes”. More astonishing was that almost every channel invited him after that interview and “Gullu” remained in the air for a long time. He was in video games, he was on TV, he was on T- shirts, he was getting offers to work in movies, and afterwards he was in jail. For those who are planning to get fame on the lines of “Gullu” must realize the fact that there was only one Gullu Butt , we cannot afford another one.

Zoya Ali:

I don’t know it was a publicity stunt or an impulsive moment but Zoya Ali striked where it mattered. Imran Khan’s dharna is the most famous story of 2014 and women participants of dharna are second most famous story of 2014. In these famous circumstances, Zoya Ali, an attractive young lady stood up and said “Yes, Imran Khan must get married, in fact he should get married with Zoya Ali (she meant her own self). Media was in hunt of a story, it was spicy enough and with their added ingredients it went viral and now most of Pakistanis know about Zoya Ali. She runs her page and thinks that she is a celebrity. Pakistani women are intelligent enough to not follow the fluke of Zoya Ali, but I am really worried about the boys.

DJ Butt:

 Another Butt is in the list. An ordinary disc jockey, who used to play music at different parties and marriage ceremonies became a nationwide hit for his ability to pump enthusiasm in PTI’S crowd by playing patriotic songs. I had no issues with DJ Butt until I heard him saying on a TV channel before a “jalsa”, “I have become a national hero only because of prayers of my people”. Once again, a humble thanks to media which created something out of nothing. Fire ignited by DJ Butt was not limited to PTI but other parties too started the trend of music in their political gatherings. Those who are planning to test their selves as jockeys must remember that there is only one PTI and only one DJ Butt, rest can and must learn proper music.

Hussnain Saleem:

Only thing on which Hussnain Saleem can take proud is that he is a lookalike of Salman Khan. What a credential to get fame? Bill Gates says, “Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world...if you do so, you are insulting yourself”. Again media used him for their own purpose, invited him on different shows and he became Salman Khan in himself. Like it or not, bollywood runs in the blood of our masses, especially those who belong to deprived lower middle class are more inclined towards following the bollywood stars. Instead of curbing this trend, media is propagating it with fervour. One must only look alike his/her own self. Those who are even thinking of following this trend must remember that lookalikes evaporate in the air like they never existed.

Abbas Alizada:

He is the last in the list of flukes of 2014. Not only locally, but Abbas Alizada is internationally covered by lot of newspaper for his amazing resemblance with Bruce Lee. Putting him in this list may not justify with his talent which is martial art but criteria of this list was simple, “manufactured stars by media which should not be followed”. There are many around who are fluent with martial arts but nobody notices them because they don’t look like Bruce Lee.