California - Brad Pitt is happy to put his career on pause if it means more family time. The Hollywood star appears in war movie Fury, a brutal look at the fight against Nazi Germany. While he makes a convincing soldier, it’s not a career that ever interested the father-of-six. ‘Never. My father missed the war, so did my grandfather,’ he explained to German newspaper Bild. ‘We aren’t fighters. But I admire what our soldiers do!’ Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie have a large family, raising Maddox, Knox, Vivienne, Pax, Shiloh and Zahara. As they are both in the film business, they understand about matching the pace of their demanding schedules to their parenting. ‘I keep having to say no; it’s the most powerful word in Hollywood,’ he said. ‘I’m a father to six children.

 I put the brakes on my career because I want to see them grow up – before they’re gone.’ Fury might seem like out-and-out action, but the theme of family also runs through it.

‘It’s also a father-son story,’ Brad revealed. ‘How do I turn the tank newbie played by Logan Lerman into a man in 24 hours? That’s painful. But if he doesn’t learn to kill, he will be killed.’ Brad and Angelina are killing two birds with one stone by working on their next project together. Angelina is directing By the Sea, which she and her husband also star in.

But when they do have conflicting schedules, they know how to keep the romance alive. ‘We found an old method of communication – writing letters. We were in different time zones, on opposite sides of the world. You open up more than ever before,’ he gushed.