ISLAMABAD - PTI Central Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari Saturday said that some PML-N leaders were misleading the nation about the massive fraud unfolding in the NA-122 vote audit taking place.

“These leaders are trying to claim that there is a recount of votes going on in NA-122 and that Speaker National Assembly (NA) Ayaz Sadiq’s votes have increased. This is not factually right as there is a vote audit going on in NA-122 to determine the extent of bogus votes cast in that constituency,” she said in the statement. So far in the audit, she said, 30,000 bogus votes have been found, the same votes PML-N is claiming as Ayaz Sadiq’s ‘votes’.  Out of 284 polling stations, 100 have no Forms XIV and XV. “In the vote audit so far, three polling bags of NA-124 have been discovered as part of the NA-122 vote record,” the statement said.  Some polling stations have revealed more ballot papers than counterfoils, proving stuffing of ballot boxes.

Dr Mazari said that the complete record of NA-122 audit would be out by the end of coming week and demanded that the Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq should immediately resign when the report substantiating massive rigging would be released.