LAHORE - PTI top leadership, which is considering re-launching a protest campaign if the government uses delaying tactics to form judicial commission for probing the alleged poll rigging, is confused over transforming the considerations into a real plan, The Nation has learnt.

Senior aides of PTI Chairman Imran Khan privy to the information on this count told this correspondent on Saturday that party’s high command was deliberating over a plan of re-launching protest drive if the government employed delaying tactics for forming poll rigging judicial commission. They said, however, a split among the top party leaders on the matter was not allowing the deliberations to take the shape of a real plan.

They added that the senior party leaders were confused and according to one group they might not be able to build a momentum for the re-launch in the changed scenario. The other group was of the opinion that they should devise a new strategy for re-launching the possible protest drive.

The same group was of the suggestion that they could transform the January 18 workers convention in Islamabad for the re-launch of the protest drive if the ruling party continued delaying the matter of the judicial commission.

It may be mentioned here that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had asked the party leadership to organise a workers convention on January 18 in the federal capital to express his gratitude to the workers for making the Azadi sit-in a success story, besides awarding certificates to the leading organisers of the drive and the workers who suffered detentions.

Senior PTI leader and Imran Khan’s top aide, Asad Umer when contacted said, “Party’s core committee, which is scheduled to meet on January 06, will deliberate over the issue and take a final decision what to do if the ruling party employs delaying tactics for the formation of judicial commission.”

When asked, would the PTI be able to build a momentum for re-launching a protest drive, he said, “It is not necessary that we go for the same old strategy, we may adopt a new plan for re-launching the protest drive if the government expressed non-seriousness while meeting our demand of judicial commission formation as we proposed during our meeting on December 30 last year.”

He said, “We are waiting for government’s reply and hope that they will not linger on the matter in the best interest of the country and the nation keeping in view the current situation.”

On question of joining the parliament, Asad said it was linked with the formation of poll rigging judicial commission. “We will support the government to fight terrorism from outside the parliament.”

Meanwhile, PTI Chairman Imran Khan has demanded the formation of a judicial commission immediately to scrutinise the election process of 2013, as the inspection of NA-122 ballots by the election tribunal came up with 30,000 bogus votes.

He added that major poll rigging had been established in NA-122 constituency, as the scrutiny of ballots showed that there were no form 14 and 15 in 100 polling bags, while there were provincial constituencies votes in 30 ballot bags of NA-122, besides a major difference in the vote count record of returning officers (ROs) and counter-files in 10 polling stations.


Online adds: Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, left for London Saturday on a private visit. According to a private TV channel, Imran Khan left at 10.00 am for London to spend some time with his two sons. He would also attend birthday function of one of his sons. Imran Khan is expected to return home after three days.