Ameen:     Look, I’ve never made secrets about it with you. I suppose I am a conservative and you must find me rather archaic most of the time, but women who don’t want children are quite simply, turning nature on its head. And there’s nothing you can say that will change my mind. It’s abnormal.

Sadiq:     It’s a world full of choices. That’s the only thing that’s really changed over centuries. The power to choose, the right to choose how you want to live your life.

Ameen:     And if that right affects the social order? The laws of nature? The premise of the entire human race?

Sadiq:     Be reasonable, Ameen. Just like there are women who choose not to be mothers, there are those who will always choose to have children. Your precious human race will continue procreating till the end of time. Why should it offend you so much, if a woman chooses not to carry the responsibility of a child? It doesn’t affect your life.

Ameen:     What if my wife one day, turns around and tells me she doesn’t want to have children? What about the countless men now strapped into marriages with this independent breed of modern woman? What about their rights? You “liberals” need to sit down and seriously evaluate your choices.

Sadiq:     Are you really talking to me about the rights of men in marriages in Pakistan? And when it comes to children, the onus lies quite largely on the woman. It’s her body that will be a nesting ground for a human being for nine months, she will undergo the trauma of childbirth and then the lifelong responsibility of being caretaker and mother. While the men, in most cases, will continue living their lives as and how they see fit. The people who argue that men and women have to give up equal things when bringing a child into the world, are clearly all men.

Ameen:     Sadiq, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Having children. Having a purpose to life that is greater than your own. I can’t wait to have some of my own one day.

Sadiq:     Well, I hope for their sake, that you don’t have any daughters with minds of their own.