How does a state react when, just in one district 300 children die of hunger, thirst and poor medical facilities? What does a state do when it finds over 6000 schools occupied by ghosts, instead of children? How does a state live with itself when 30% of its children never go to school? How does a state respond when its 140 policemen are killed in one year in one city alone? The Sindh government has found a unique pursuit to get away from its numerous self-inflicted miseries. It has opted to provide, promote and sponsor activities that symbolize violence and killing. A quarter-page advertisement in the newspaper contains an invitation to participate in a shooting competition, being organized by the Sindh government. Clearly this competition is for the rich and the powerful scavengers of this land, as it also suggests an entry fee of Rs.25, 000 per person.

The Sindh government has the time and money and inclination for such useless acts that involve possession, carriage, display and firing of weapons rather than doing a few good things for the well-being of its hapless and exploited citizens. The fact that some of these weapons are licensed is a joke as we all know the fraudulent licensing process - a special arrangement to bribe the rich and powerful and militant class of Pakistan.

Considering the violence and militancy that has destroyed Pakistan, exhibited in its most barbaric and indescribable form only a few days back, the Sindh government’s action to organize a shooting event is callous, inappropriate and violence-promoting. Can someone in the Sindh government please take a break and call off this event?


Karachi, December 19.